Warm Ups

It’s snowing like we’re in a Hallmark Christmas movie today. Seems like a good time to talk about–Warming up.

Each class has a general warm up for the workout. At times the warm ups get more specific to the movements. Patterns can be seen with each coach based off what they believe works. YOU ARE NOT LIMITED BY THE GENERAL WARM UP. First, remember why you are with us. Remember your goals. If you have specific needs: act on them.

I have specific needs. So I like to get to class early and warm on my own. Some days my needs are so specific I opt out of the class because I need more time to work out or warm up an issue that has been consistent. Investing this time into my warm up creates a better result in the time I’m involved in the class structured workout.

What I do:
1.) 18 calories on the Assault Bike:
(3 cal forward both legs; 3 cal backward both legs; 3 cal forward/3 cal backward left leg-no arms; 3 cal forward/3 cal backward right leg-no arms)
2.) ~3 minutes of bear walk/crab walk with opposite hand opposite foot transitions (inchworm in the mix here)
3.) 3-foot-position good mornings: toes straight forward, slightly out, slightly in
(I use the VooDoo Floss bands at this time if my legs are feeling junkie)
4.) Lunges and Spiderman lunges
(If the legs are super junkie I leave the Floss bands on through the lunges)
5.) Deadbugs
(I make them specific to what I’m doing)
6.) CrossOver Symmetry Activation
7.) Empty Barbell Romanian Deadlifts + Cleans + Paused Front Squats
(light weakness work I’m weak in Cleans)

These are things I have identified as staples that keep me healthy and moving well. Is it a lot to do? Before a class warm up? No. You know why?

Because I’m here to get the most out of me. I’m invested in my involvement. If we look at the list:

Everyone hates the assault bike. I use it as a warm up because every time I get on and off of it and don’t need to puke: thats a victory. I stack wins in that column. Eventually a love/hate relationship shifts and the assault bike is now one of my favorite pieces of equipment.

Everyone hates the crab walk. The top position I cue people to hit is the also known as The Tomb of Hercules. Old time Strong men used to take this position and have a plank laid across their hips so people could cross the plank as a bridge. Some were strong enough for horses and cannons to cross. You really can’t get your hips a little higher?

Everyone hates the deadbug. Not me. The deadbug was introduced to me by a friend of mine out of necessity. I did a rowing/ deadlift ladder that nearly broke my body. I was forced out of the gym for a while due to inability to maintain a neutral spine under load. My friend came to town shortly after, showed me the deadbug and my thinking was changed. I could make this movement mimic any and every position. Snatch, clean, back/front squat, pull up, anything.

Now when I do the deadbug and my legs start shaking, I remember my back pain. When I feel like I want to let my feet fall, I remember when I couldn’t hold them up. I hold on to the positions for every time I couldn’t. I embrace the pain of discomfort and growth because I had no choice but to feel the pain of injury and destruction.

There are more opportunities for fitness advancement if you start paying attention to what works for you. Understand you have the option to invest 5 minutes in yourself where it’s needed. You can make your why stronger each time you walk through the doors. Don’t know where to start? Ask. If you don’t:

Start with deadbugs.


  1. When I first read this… before going to the gym… I had no idea what most of it meant. The words on this page probably make sense to regular gym goers; but there are honestly some words I still don’t understand. What doe the following words mean? Deadbug, spiderman lunges, VooDoo floss bands, CrossOver Symmetry Activation, Empty Barbell Romanian Deadlifts + Cleans + Paused Front Squat (so is the word “clean” or “cling”)?

    I think I now know what a “good morning” is…

    I could spend an hour googling the terms used in this post but I do not have that kind of time. I sometimes feel like a total fool during class. I think the look on my face and my movements maybe look idiotic, even spastic and awkward. One of the coaches told me to just follow the crowd and I do not mind that at all but so many times I wish I could get more information in one place.

    Do you have any books you can recommend that explain some of this jargon and stuff? I welcome it.

    Newbies, like me, to this type of working out could really use a beginner’s class. It doesn’t take a college degree to figure some of this stuff out but I really do appreciate things being dumb down for me. I joined this program because it is different and impresses me. I have confidence that it will help me progress physically.

    Please post more information that is informative and helpful for dummies like me.

    • Paul!
      First things first: It’s Clean.
      Deadbug, spiderman lunges, VooDoo floss bands, CrossOver Symmetry Activation, Empty Barbell Romanian Deadlifts + Cleans + Paused Front Squat
      From the above stated words, how many can you define now?

      Looking at this from the scope of jargon: Medical jargon–probably–isn’t all contained in one book/course/class. Nor would I imagine legal jargon is contained so compactly. The jargon/terms/names of exercises/movements/routines will-with repetition-become known. I currently don’t have a better answer for you, but I’ll work on that. (There are some inconsistencies in the fitness world with terms and definitions, but we will try to mitigate that for you.)

      Also sorry for the delayed response. Learning more about monitoring web activity.

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