If you are a person who has struggled around other people’s toxic gym behavior THIS GYM IS FOR YOU! I’m a person who had to start over with my fitness after a nearly fatal surgery complication that left my abdominal muscles weak and scarred. I came to Konza Strength because someone close to me was shadowing there, and I’ve been here now for three months.
I absolutely love the culture here! I can work out next to someone who has been working out consistently for a decade, and not feel any lesser for it. While I’m on the floor dying, so is everyone else. We all go at our own fitness level and pace. I’ve never felt judged for not being able to do an exercise, and I’ve ALWAYS been provided an alternate exercise or stretch to help get me to the original.
There are group classes, and you can do individual sessions with a trainer as well. I currently do both, and I absolutely love it.
If you want a guilt free exercise environment, Konza Strength is it!
– Sandra S.

This gym is it. I didn’t realize this until I had moved on and tried other gyms around the country. It truly feels like they have tried and succeed in making sure their gym didn’t have the same problems that you find at other gyms you have been to. They are very selective in their coaching staff to make sure that you getting quality coaching with people who are very knowledgeable. If you come to them with a problem, 95% of the time they will have a solution and that other 5% they will be honest with you and tell you they don’t have one at that time and then work towards finding a solution. They have great equipment because they have been to other gyms and seen what works and what doesn’t. They have many different options for fitness at their gym because they have a community that enjoys many different types of fitness.
This is a gym ran by people who went to many different gyms before and saw the things they didn’t like and made a gym based around being better. A gym that built a community so that the community could build the gym to be better. I wish I could take this gym and its community where ever I go.
– Riley O.

I worked out at Konza for a week while in town on a work trip. The coaches and community there were extremely welcoming and friendly. I appreciated the coaches’ professionalism and care they show their patrons ensuring both quality movements and general well-being. I would highly recommend this gym if you’re looking for a well rounded fitness regimen as well as great community support system!
– Eric A.

I have been a member of this gym since December 2018. Two of the things that keep me coming back are the intelligence used in creating the workouts, and the community that the gym has created in my preferred time slot. The coaches are thoughtful and perceptive. From day one they have helped me to fit in by modifying workouts. They teach correct and safe form day in and day out. They also work phenomenally with children. All three of my children, ages 12 through 16, have received training from this gym. They have always acted with integrity.
– Mathew B.

Absolutely life changing. I highly recommend. The coaches are super knowledgeable and passionate about helping you reach your goals. If you want to change your life this is a great place to start.
– Samantha B.

I can’t say enough good things about this place! We were only able to attend for a couple of months before moving out of state, but I would never hesitate to recommend Konza Strength to anyone looking for a great gym. Kenney and Aaron have so much knowledge and truly care about the members (even those of us who mostly attended open gym). I’m so glad for the time we spent here and only wish it could have been longer.
– Hailey M.

Konza Strength is the best gym I have ever been to. I have been a member of functional fitness and CrossFit gyms all over the country, and Konza has the most attentive coaches. All of the coaches excel at not only teaching proper technique, but also theory behind why each movement is being performed. I hit new PRs in every lift and feel better than ever since joining this gym.

I even had to leave several times for personal reasons and deployments, and the staff worked with me to work out a flexible payment plan and set me up with workout programs tailored to meet my personal goals while I was gone. I strongly recommend Konza Strength and Kenney and Aaron’s coaching to everybody in the Manhattan area.
– Max W.

Konza Strength is the best gym I have ever been to. I was lucky enough to spend 3 months in Manhattan, KS on a business trip and I discovered Konza. Aaron and Kenney have an amazing gym and an even better roster of coaches. Jaq and Cory are not only excellent coaches; they are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. It would be worth it to be stationed at FT Riley just so I could come back to this gym.

This gym values form and function. You won’t get away with cutting corners; the coaches are here to protect you from your ego and laziness. I set PRs in back and front squat and cleans while working out here. The sense of community is palpable and pleasant. If you’re in this area and need a gym, just pick Konza and thank me later.
– Daniel B.


Dropped in while traveling for work and enjoyed excellent coaching/ques, fun atmosphere and friendly community. Very welcoming and will definitely come back. If you aren’t familiar with the building, go all the way down to the end, where there entrance is located.
– Liz T.

Awesome atmosphere and the coaches are amazing. Very welcoming and accepting. No matter what your level of fitness there’s definitely a place for you here!
– Lawrence R.