Involved & Invested

Time and Energy.

Coach says, “Grab a rower” or “Let’s line up at the rig facing the windows.” Taking the first step toward the rower or rig initiates your involvement in the class. It started. Your hour of involvement.

Coach closes the class by checking with you for questions. Typically you say you have no questions, grab your things and hurry out the door. End of hour of involvement. We invest in you at any point we can. From equipment, to courses; programs to professionals; our aim is certain:

Improve performance and increase quality of life.

It’s time for you to invest in yourself. Time to pay attention. Time to write down the cue that coach threw that resonated with you. Put it in your notes and next time that exercise comes up, cue yourself. Start with that cue and make it objective 1 of the workout.

Don’t touch Coach’s hand

Invest in yourself by showing up and adding the small things that increase your ability. Deadbugs before Deadlifts. CrossOver Symmetry before snatching. Don’t know how? Ask me. I’m not there? The training manuals-CrossOver-are on the bookshelf. How much time do you want to invest into reducing issues and increasing progress? *Cough* Nutrition *Cough*

Invest in future involvement by stretching or rolling the muscles that feel most worked afterwards. Find recovery protocols that allow you to minimize soreness and maximize growth. And when you find something that works. Share it.

Look for opportunities to invest outside of involvement. This will increase the margins for success.

-Coach Aaron


  1. Investment in myself also must include an investment into others with whom I am involved. For example helping with the Rowing for Mallory event. It meant a lot to be invited to help with that event, as it meant a great deal to me when Blaine asked for my help with his newsletter.

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