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Konza Strength is a Functional Fitness gym. What is functional fitness? 

Functional – designed to be practical and useful rather than attractive.
Fitness – the quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task.
Functional Fitness – useful qualities which help people achieve a task.

Modern life requires little of our flight or fight responses for survival. Our major challenges don’t include battling sabertooth tigers for our dinner or wandering deserts in search of the promised land.

No matter your religious or scientific views, at Konza Strength, we’re helping our community become more capable humans. Whether that is to help someone off the ground, move a couch (without hurting your back), or chase down a car whose coffee mug is on the roof and not pull your hamstrings.

This general readiness encompasses every type of fitness practice but relies specifically on one: Resistance training. External sources of resistance, appropriately applied to the body, will create desirable changes to the body, conditionally increasing strength.  Strength as a skill.

We learned hard lessons before there was a Konza Strength. They came with the realization that we don’t want to learn all lessons the hard way. So, we gather information and discern knowledge from intelligent people. They provide years of insight and understanding to different training principles. We adopt what is useful and set aside what doesn’t appear to be, but what good is a collection of lessons if it’s not shared or applied?

Today we pour the principles into our population and programs at Konza Strength.  We share what’s been useful for those who are willing to listen or hungry to learn.  Strengthening your legs, lungs and grip are the most basic of our lessons. Increasing these things drive positive changes in our bodies and performances.  

So, if we define Functional Fitness do we need to define the role?

No, you do.  Define what role functional fitness has in your life. Maybe that happens before you start, maybe it becomes clear after you’ve started. No matter when you define what role functional fitness has in your life, there is one thing you can trust. We will work with you to increase your strength.

Read more about Legs, Lungs and Grip here: 
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  1. I love & admire your passion and commitment to each of us! Thank you both. Konza Strength is so much more than a gym; it’s a family, not a family of common ancestors, but one of common goals. Here’s to growth of the family you created! Blessings.

  2. You mention your strength programming is based on 5 factors. I assume Lungs, legs and grip are three of them. Can you do a Blog post on what the 5 factors are and why they are important? (saw this written on the old chalk board – think its worth sharing!!
    – OG herd member

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