Repost: I’m Not

I have nothing new to say on strength and conditioning that hasn’t already been said. I didn’t write a book, invent an exercise or piece of equipment. I’m not a National or International level athlete in any sport.  I don’t have a degree from a 4 year university. I’ve never coached someone from a low level to a high level of competition.  

I do have a deep seeded curiosity that has led me to my current state in Health/Fitness or Strength/Conditioning. Any skill I have in coaching is due to approach:  Training should increase quality of life.  This has given cause to expand my knowledge base by any and all means available. As I learn, I pass the information along to those who seek it.  

I believe fitness can be attained through many avenues and disciplines.  You will see that reflected here in multiple forms.  

Coach Aaron
Post Script:
This is my first blog post from a few years back.

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