What got you started in fitness?
I started CrossFit in May 2013. My husband, Josh, had heard of CrossFit and started a couple of weeks before me. After hearing him come home and talk about it, I decided to try it. I was hooked! I switched over to primarily weightlifting in 2014 after finding a coach to help me learn. I loved picking up heavy things!

Why do you continue with fitness?
I continue weightlifting because I enjoy the challenge. There’s always another goal to reach for!

Favorite Book: All of them! I love reading.

Favorite Movie: I really liked Dr. Strange, but it’s hard to pick a favorite.

Theme Song: I’ll get back to you when I have one….picking a theme song is a big decision!!

Favorite Food: Tacos!


  • CrossFit Level 2
  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

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Konza Strength
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Daniel Broda on Konza Strength

Jaq is an excellent coach and a master motivator. She would not let me slack and cut corners. She ensured that I kept proper form, especially while squatting and cleaning. She is also a great person to talk to. I always had a keen sense of anticipation when I knew Jaq was going to coach us. I wish she was still coaching me.

by Cory Field on Konza Strength

I've loved being coached by Jaq. She has a great eye for detail in our movement patterns. She has taught me much in how to engage the proper muscles for each movement, especially weightlifting. Her humor and attitude make the classes fun to attend.

by Sarah Hawver on Konza Strength

I think one of my favorite moments at Konza was when I was able to get good sets of kipping pull-ups during a workout. I had only just started getting the hang of kipping, so when Jaq came over with a lot of positive feedback I was very excited. Not really just by the kipping pull-ups, but because Jaq-approved of them, and that meant they were legit. Jaq has a lot of experience; her coaching is no-nonsense and precise. She’s tough but fair, and she really knows her stuff. I am glad she’s willing to be an early morning coach so I get to work with her often!