Korynne Rollins

Favorite food? Steak or ice cream

Favorite movie? National Treasure

Favorite book? Being Mortal by Atul Gawande

Favorite song? Walking in Memphis

Karyn Leihy

Favorite book? Probably ‘Mindset’. It helps me realize the ways in which I think and ways that I can think better in order to grow as an individual. 

Favorite food? Kodiak cake pancakes/waffles. Dark chocolate flavor

Favorite song? Every other song on the radio is probably my favorite song. I find myself saying “omg this is my favorite song!’ Way too often. If I had to pick two favorites, it would be “When I say Amen” by Rachel Wammack, and “One of them girls” by Lee Brice

Favorite movie? Tarzan. Hands down.

Blake Goodman

Favorite book? Emma by Jane Austen

Favorite movie? Legally Blonde. It has gotten me through a lot of “finals” weeks.

Favorite food? Bacon cheeseburgers or Margherita pizza from Freddy’s in Cicero, IL.

Favorite song? Wasted Years by Iron Maiden or Girl from Northern Country Fair by Johnny Cash. it is a really close tie.