About Us

Konza Strength is a strength and conditioning gym located in the heart of Manhattan. We opened our doors January 8th, 2018. We are not affiliated with any “brand” of fitness. We did not want to box ourselves into a corner by only taking things from one style or brand of fitness. We believe that there are amazing benefits that can be gained by pulling exercises and movements from all styles of working out. So that is exactly what we do here at Konza Strength. We build our workouts around the needs and goals of our members. We program this way because member health and success is our number one priority.

Our Promise

Everyone who steps through the doors becomes a member of our family here at Konza Strength. Our coaches have diverse backgrounds in athletics, training styles, and education. Each one brings something unique to the table, while still having a deep understanding of human movement and how it should move. Each and everyone of them is passionate about helping our family become better than they were yesterday, attaining their goals, and setting new ones higher than they ever imagined.